Vegas Parking Fees on the Rise


It seems that enough is never enough for some, and Las Vegas parking fees are a perfect example. It’s not enough that the city has had 33 consecutive months of more than a billion dollars in revenue. And it’s not enough than they just raised their Resort Fees. Now, they’re jacking up parking as well.

There was a time when Sin City resorts would let guests park for free, just like most normal hotels across the country. It was a small way they could show some customer appreciation. Now, however, Vegas parking fees are at almost every casino around town, forcing visitors to pay for the privilege of parking their own cars. So, what are they saying to their customers now?

Parking rates at all MGM Resort properties have jumped to $18 a day Mondays through Thursdays, and $23 a day if you dare visit on the weekend. Plus, they have cancelled their former policy for one to four-hour parking and four- to 24-hours rates.

For those of you who think we’re just being cheap we ask: What’s your point? Vegas used to be a town where you could get a decent room, see a good show, and enjoy a buffet at a reasonable price. Plus, the resorts seemed happy to see you there. These days, customers have a hand in their pocket from the moment they book a trip. Whether it’s hidden Resort Fees or the extra charge from the cab for the airport… it’s always something.

Now if you’re a super big deal… like an MGM loyalty program member, they will still kiss your ass and allow you to leave your vehicle for free.  And of course, local Nevada residents will get a three hour “grace period” before they are charged. Everyone else can expect Vegas parking fees to be collected, no matter how many years you’ve been a customer.

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