Mirage Las Vegas: What Happens Now?


When is the Mirage Las Vegas closing date? When will the Hard Rock Open? And what will happen to the Mirage Volcano? We have that information and more! Plus, many states are pushing back against Dave & Busters plans to allow gambling in their restaurants!

Hello friends, Mirage Las Vegas has made it official: They will shut their doors forever on July 17th, this despite earlier promises that they would keep the resort open through 2025. So now what? Well, they’ve already shut down the Dolphin Pool and The Secret Garden their Cirque du Soleil show, Beatles:Love, will close July 6th. But most importantly… MOST importantly… over 3,000 Mirage employees  will soon be out of work. So I guess it’s a good thing Hard Rock didn’t tell them about these plans! Otherwise they might have been able to go out and find new jobs!

As for their beloved volcano attraction that’s where things get a little bit tricky. We were told by a Hard Rock representative that the volcano would remain open as long as the resort remained open… through July 17th. However, given their recent track record for playing fast and loose with the rules, you can take that for what it’s worth. No matter the timing, it does appear that the days of the Mirage Volcano are numbered… and that it will be removed at some point to make way for that giant, guitar shaped hotel.

If you’d like to stay at the Mirage one last time you have until the evening of July 14th to book a room. As far as an opening day for the new Hard Rock Las Vegas, that is tentatively set for sometime in May of 2027. While we wait for this transition to take place, Las Vegas is still moving and shaking! In fact, we just released a new short video about the Dead and Company residency which just kicked off at the Las Vegas Sphere, complete with show dates, ticket prices, and concert footage!

And finally this week, on our last program I told you that Dave and Busters had plans to allow their guests to bet against one another while playing video
games in their restaurants across 44 states. Some people said this was a good move for business. Others have said it’s a PR nightmare. Almost immediately after the restaurant chain announced these plans, Illinois filed a bill to stop them. Ohio said they violated State Law. Pennsylvania opened an investigation into the company. And now you can add Nevada to the growing list of states in opposition.

While newspapers from Texas to Tennessee were questioning the legality of these plans, it was the Nevada Gaming Control Board that stepped up and had some more direct words for Dave and Busters. Those words included “No” and uh “Hell no”. To which David Busters replied… all right. I would expect to see more and more states come forward over the next several weeks and months to tell David Busters no… not within our borders. And as someone who works in the gambling industry (obviously), and someone who supports responsible gaming, I ask you this: Do we really need gambling at Dave and Busters? Probably not. And besides, some fights just aren’t worth it.

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