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Use the navigation below to jump on the subject that you want to investigate first. Or you leave us to lead you through the article. In the following sections, we will tell you more about the Covid-19 lockdown in Las Vegas and how it reflected the nightlife and clubs and bars in the city.

The First Las Vegas Bars Reopening in 2020

After the major Covid-19 lockdown in the USA and all around the world in 2020, the hospitality sector experienced a living nightmare. The pandemic left a mark on the Las Vegas history that will be remembered in the following decades. Despite the fact that some measures were eased in the process, nothing was mentioned about the Las Vegas bars opening and other similar places like the strip clubs and the pool parties around the city.

Three months after the total lockdown, the restaurants and the casinos were allowed to open doors with a limited capacity of 50%. Meanwhile, Las Vegas bars opening was not even considered at that time. They remained closed until September. Then in November, their activities were re-estated with a reduced capacity of maximum up to 25%. Then the number of cases started increasing drastically during the autumn and winter.

The first breakthrough was in February 2021, when the capacity was increased to 35% and 50% from March onwards. Still, all nightclubs, gentlemen clubs or pool parties remained restricted. The plan was to return to normal in May and June slowly. In May, the 50% restriction for all indoor establishments was still on, while there was no limit for all outdoor seatings.

June 2021 Restrictions Lifted – Grand Las Vegas Bars Opening

According to the state plan, the city of Las Vegas must return to its normal way of life from June the 1st 2021, when all Covid-19 restrictions will be officially off. It is great to see all Las Vegas bars reopening again. Of course, some prevention methods are still applied in the whole USA, like the mask requirement in public transportation and all medical facilities like hospitals or healthcare.

With the rapidly growing number of vaccinated people in the USA and across the globe, we assume soon this might be all over. Despite that, some expect a new crisis in the winter of 2021, so the future is not yet certain before us.

Friends Having Drinks On a Bar

Top 10 Best Las Vegas Bars Reopened In 2021

After all Las Vegas Bars are reopening, it is time to look at them and see if there are any changes. Don’t forget that the clever businessmen used the time to make some improvements for a cheaper cost during the pandemic. After all, this is Las Vegas, and we speak about wealthy people with enough resources and connections. Despite that, some of the corporations that hold such establishments were in a difficult situation due to a large number of employees and the reduced capacity during the last year.

It is also a fact how many people got pulled to US online gambling and US online casinos due to the impossibility to travel and visit real brick and mortar facilities. Some of course preferred global online casino operators, especially those who travel a lot. However, you must understand that Covid or no Covid, Las Vegas bars opening is inevitable, and the place still rocks.

Skyfall Lounge At Delano Las Vegas

The Skyfall Lounge is undoubtedly one of the best bars open in Las Vegas. As you can probably guess, it is located on the top floor of the Delano Las Vegas, where you can enjoy the stunning 180 degrees view of the city. It is an exclusive place especially during the night when all lights are on. The bar offers a fantastic sunset sight of Las Vegas that you will never forget.

During the day, you can order all types of drinks and cocktails from the top-notch bartenders there, while you can offer some food too from the hotel below. At 9 PM, the night starts with a DJ that starts playing house and dance music, and the place turns into more of a nightclub bar. It is one of the best clubs open in Las Vegas.

Herbs &Rye Las Vegas

The Herbs & Rya Las Vegas is a super nice restaurant/bar where you can enjoy nice meals and excellent drinks. You will definitely enjoy the design of old fashioned western saloon with massive wooden works everywhere. It is a perfect place to start the evening and then proceed to the nightclubs open in Las Vegas. Bear in mind that you take away food, but they don’t offer any delivery.

Chandelier Bar At Cosmopolitan Casino

Chandelier bar is one of the most beautiful bars in the city of Las Vegas. The design is just stunning, and words are not enough to describe the experience when visiting Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Chandelier bar. It is a cocktail bar where you can taste some of the best handmade drinks by some of the most skilful bartenders in the city. The place is all covered in crystals, fancy lights and an expensive interior. It is a mesmerising place that you will always remember.

Skybar Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

This is another rooftop bar with a breathtaking view over the sin city. The bar is located on the 23rd floor of the famous Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, built in 2009, and one of the top 10 best hotels in Las Vegas. The brand of well-known all around the world with its top-notch quality services and accommodation.

However, when it comes to the bar you should know that the bartenders are one of the best in town. At the same time, the quality and versatility of drinks and cocktails are amazing. We recommend visiting it at night because the lights make Las Vegas a unique sight with no equivalent.

Legacy Club Circa Hotel Las Vegas

Obviously, we have a thing about top floor bars because they show the city of Las Vegas in one unique way. Legacy Club is situated on the last floor of Circa Hotel, and it offesr 360-degree sight of Las Vegas. Bear in mind that it has limited working hours from 4 PM to 2 AM. Also, that reservation is a must. There is just no other way to find a place there. You will like the luxury design with consisted of gold bars and fire pits all around. The sunset here is one of the most romantic ones in whole Vegas.

Parasol Up & Down At Wynn Casino Resort

First, it is essential to mention that Wynn Las Vegas is one of the biggest and most fancy hotels resorts in the city. Also, it is one of the oldest Las Vegas casinos because it was built on the place of the legendary Desert Inn Hotel. However, it is spread over 215 acres, and it has several artificial lakes on its territory and plenty of restaurants, bars and entertainment.

One of the most luxurious ones is the Parasol, which is located in the building next to the Lake of Dreams. The bar is split into two floors and its one of the nicest clubs open in Las Vegas. On the ground floor, you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and the beautiful lake sight. Meanwhile, on the upper level, you will step into a hall with stunning old fashioned design, white leather sofas, and a lot of curtains and expensive carpets.

O’Sheas Bar At Caesars Linq Hotel

O’Sheas Bar is an Irish pub located at the Linq hotel in the heart of Las Vegas. The establishment is part of the Caesars Entertainment Corporation. In fact, O’Sheas is a casino with an amazing bar and drinks. You will have the chance to drink green beer.

The place is designed mainly in green, and you may find some leprechauns inside because they are one of the Irish national symbols. Apart from the regular casino games like blackjack, slots or craps, you will have the chance to play beer pong or other drinking games. It is a fun place worth visiting, that is for sure, but it is not so luxurious and expensive as everything mentioned so far.

Beer Park Bar Paris Las Vegas

Beer Park Bar is one awesome place where you can often see large crowds of people having fun. The place is located outside the Paris Las Vegas Hotel or literally under the Eiffel Tower. It is one ample open space with many tables, all protected from a vast rooftop, more of a tent.

This Las Vegas bar is part of the hotel base, but there is an external entry too. It is a perfect place to have fun and drink beers or shots. We missed mentioning that there is a fantastic view from the Beer Park terrace. This is a place you should visit if in Las Vegas.

The Dorsey Cocktail Bar At The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort

In the sizeable Venetian Resort, you will find many restaurants and bars open in Las Vegas, but none like The Dorsey, located right under the Palazzo hotel on the northeast side of the resort. The place has one fascinating interior. It partly looks like a fancy library with many expensive leather sofas and armchairs. Honestly, the place is super stylish with excellent cuisine, despite that it is a cocktail bar. On the other hand, a cocktail bar means that the bar staff members are only exceptionally skilful with solid knowledge in mixology.

Downtown Cocktail Room Las Vegas

The Downtown Cocktail Room Las Vegas is not part of any hotel or casino. It is a separate establishment located in Downtown Las Vegas. The place covers over 3,000 sq.f.and its design is old fashioned but classy. It is a place famous for its cocktails and well-trained bartenders. Right next to is the Inspire Nightclub, which makes Downtown Cocktail Room the perfect place to warm up before the big party. Bear in mind that the site closes at midnight (Tue-Thur) and 2 AM( Fri-Sat), but you can continue in any of the nightclubs open in Las Vegas.


Asking the right questions will always lead you to the correct answers. Therefore, we have prepared the most frequently asked questions about the Las Vegas bars opening this year and the many establishments that you can visit. Click on the jump links in the answers to find one more detailed explanation.

✨ When will Las Vegas bars reopen?

Due to the Covid-19 Las Vegas lockdown most of the establishments in the city were closed. At first, they were closed for three months. Then they were allowed to operate with reduced capacity. After the spike of the virus in the winter, they were closed again. Las Vegas bars reopening happened in June 2021.

🍹 Are bars open in Las Vegas?

Yes, all Las Vegas bars reopened their doors on the 1st of June 2021 after 6 months out of business. This was when all Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. Of course, the mask requirement is still on for public transportation of all sorts and in all medical facilities.

🍻 Which of the best Las Vegas Bars Reopened In 2021?

After the grand Las Vegas bars reopening, you now have the chance to organise one hell of a party, but you only need to decide where. We gathered the top 10 best Las Vegas Bars so you can choose the one that suits your taste in the best possible way.

🍾 Which is the best Las Vegas bar?

Since you asked, we can point you to the Skyfall Lounge located on the top floor of Delano Hotel Las Vegas. We consider it the best Las Vegas bar, because it has one mesmerising view over the city. Also, the level of service and quality of drinks is super high.

🍺 What bars are open in Las Vegas right now?

All the bars and clubs open in Las Vegas now after the fall of all Covid-19 restrictions on June the 1st. Of course, Las Vegas bars like Beer Park were opened relatively earlier because it is an outdoor facility where you have only a roof above you.

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