Online Gambling and Augmented Reality


As our lives go online more and more, the potential to take advantage of augmented reality for gambling has many appealing advantages. One of which, of course, is there is no risk of contracting the Coronavirus (computer viruses are another topic). But

Augmented reality is a digital world that is created with pixels. It resembles the real world in some ways but can also be altered and augmented so that it’s significantly enhanced. As well as creating images with pixels, it also uses sounds and other sensory stimuli, which are delivered digitally or via the use of technology.

AR online gambling sites have been around for a while in some shape and form, but it’s only recently that the technology has really caught up with the concept. The first cross-technology, multiplayer, AR casino platform was launched in July 2021. One of the key drivers of AR technology in gambling is that, unlike virtual reality, headsets or goggles are not necessary. AR technology can be enjoyed without the need for additional software, meaning it’s more accessible to more people.

Augmented reality can be used in regular casino games. It can transport people to a virtual casino and allow them to interact with various features. But it really comes into its own during Live Dealer games. This vertical of online gambling is one of the fastest growing in recent years, particularly in the last 18 months.

As many land-based casinos remain closed, under restrictions, or have shut down completely, demand for interactive gambling options has increased. Live Dealer games are experiencing increased demand, but audiences are also demanding more technological advancement. AR in Live Dealer games can give players the interaction they want while also interacting with digital enhancements.

As a gambling operator mulling the potential of integrating augmented reality into your platform, you’re probably wondering whether additional licensing is required. The answer is NO. At the time of writing, there are no additional compliance obligations for online gambling operators who choose to use AR in their games. You will need your online gambling license and any other permissions as required by the jurisdiction you’re operating in, and you’re good to go.

This story was written by Roy Mendelson and originally appeared on Yogo Net. You can read it in it’s entirety on that website.

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