2021 NFL Sports Betting News & Changes


As we return from our summer vacation, we’ve got sports betting news as we prepare for the American football season! There are major developments from the NFL and its relationship to sports betting! Plus, gambling news finds another Fremont Street casino reopening, and we report on what things are like in Las Vegas right now!

Hello friends! Jay Todd back from my vacation and my trip to Las Vegas! More on that in the second half of our program, but first: Are you ready for some football?! This week’s we’re talking sports betting news, the kickoff of the American football season, and all the changes that come with that! Not just from the pandemic, either! In fact, the first change we’ll be discussing is a first ever for the NFL!

The Superdome in New Orleans is the home of the NFL’s Saints, and it’s getting a new name. While that may not seem like sports betting news, what may interest you is learning that they’re renaming it after a gambling company! Beginning this season (and for the next 20 years) the Saints will be playing in the Caesars Superdome! And while it may be somewhat surprising that the NFL was apparently okay with this, it’s what they did next that’s the most shocking.

Starting this year, the league has decided to allow sports betting advertisements to run during their games! Although, there will be some limitations in place on how many ads can be shown. They will allow one advertisement during the pregame, another one advertisement at halftime, and an additional one advertisement to run during each of the four quarters… for a grand total of six per game!

Of course, no show about sports betting news and the NFL this year would be complete without discussing that little bastard, Covid-19. And while we do primarily focus on the gambling news, we thought you might like to know what the NFL’s policy is for attending games. Now, each state has their own rules when it comes to large gatherings. But the NFL has issued some rules of their own! Basically the league is putting us all on the “honor system”.

The Fan Health Promise posted on their website suggests that if you have Covid-19 you should probably stay home and not attend a game. They also say that if if you have symptoms of Covid-19… or or think you might be coming down with the virus… or have been around people who have Coronavirus… or or think you might have known someone in grade school that had the virus… then you should probably stay home. And we’re all gonna pinky swear to act responsibly! I don’t know about you guys, but I feel better now!

Also, the Main Street Station casino down on Fremont Street will officially reopen this week, after being closed for the pandemic since March of last year! They will welcome guests back beginning September the 8th… and not a moment too soon, may I add!

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Finally this week, as you know I’ve just returned from my summer vacation where I spent a few days in Las Vegas just checking things out and seeing what was new and different as we come out of the pandemic. The first thing I noticed is that there were advertisements for marijuana everywhere… not that you need them, because you can smell it. The second thing I noticed is that Journey will be playing a concert at the brand new Virgin Hotel and Casino! Third, cab rides to and from the airport are now a flat rate and not on the meter… so no more getting screwed!

And speaking of getting screwed, yes… there are still prostitutes working the Las Vegas Strip, soliciting individuals right in front of the hotels. Please, don’t ask me how I know this. But, no… they were not wearing masks… you gotta display the merchandise! I do wonder, however, if any hookers will show up next month for the Journey concert… you know, because it’s at the Virgin! Could be a conflict of interest. Or is that more of an occupational hazard?

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