Blackjack Anleitung und Erklärung – German Translation of How To Play Blackjack

My friend, Aaron Mucke, was kind enough to translate my “How to Play Blackjack” into the German language.

Thank you Aaron!!!

Please take a moment to visit his page:


Learn how to play blackjack with this in-depth analysis. The full video covers the basics, what to do and what not to do, how to start the game, staying, hitting, double down, splitting, surrender, table etiquette, how to use the blackjack strategy card, the dealer’s turn and beyond, what happens when the player gets a blackjack, insurance, even money, how to play on a single deck or a double deck including hand signals, situations, how to tip the dealer, and other things I’ve noticed working as a dealer.



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Blackjack Strategy Card –
Blackjack Layout –
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Table of Contents (Sorted By Alphabetical Order)

Beginning – 01:21
Blackjack – 10:29
Blackjack Strategy Card, The – 08:15
Bust – 02:12
Cards – 00:22
Cell Phones – 16:17
Change – 01:26
Cheques – 01:03
Color Up – 15:32
Cut Card – 15:05
Dealer’s Turn – 09:17
Differences Between a Shoe game and a Single or Double Deck – 14:03
Double Down – 04:10
Even Money – 11:33
Foreign Cheques – 15:55
Hand Signals – 07:33
Hands – 02:05
Hard Hand – 02:32
Hitting – 03:41
How to Stack Cheques – 10:16
Insurance – 11:02
Items Allowed on Table – 16:28
Mid-Deck Entry – 16:40
Multi-Color Bet – 10:04
Object of the Game, The – 01:54
Player’s Turn – 03:03
Push – 09:56
Shoe, The – 00:54
Single and Double Deck – 12:06
Single and Double Deck – Blackjack or Bust – 13:45
Single and Double Deck – Double Down – 13:01
Single and Double Deck – Hitting – 12:52
Single and Double Deck – Splitting – 13:24
Single and Double Deck – Staying – 12:44
Situations – 14:38
Soft Hand – 02:19
Splitting – 05:13
Staying – 03:14
Surrender – 06:32
Table Minimum and Maximum – 01:36
Things I’ve Noticed Working as a Dealer – 17:47
Tipping – 17:04

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