Paris Las Vegas Expansion! A New Strip Venue!


We’re on the Las Vegas Strip reporting on several new things in Sin City! Up first is the Paris Las Vegas expansion, courtesy of the Horseshoe renovations! Then, there is an amazing new venue coming to Las Vegas Boulevard as the Bottled Blonde chain is set open at the Grand Bizarre Shops in 2024! Plus, we finally got an in-person look at the MSG Sphere!

Hello my friends, and welcome to this remote edition of This Week in Gambling. J. Todd here on the Las Vegas Strip, in front of Bellagio and across the street from Paris Las Vegas and the Horseshoe… and my gosh, is it hot out here! When I landed a few days ago it was 118 degrees!  Today it was “only” 112! I had to wait till 8 o’clock tonight to come out and film this it was so hot, and still, here in the shade it’s a 108! How hot is it? I saw a guy peeing in the bushes and it evaporated before it got to the ground! It’s so hot I saw a hooker just burst into flames! Went up like a Roman Candle! Of course, she may have had some other issues going on but we’re not going to talk about that…

There’s an amazing new venue they’re building over here across the street. I’m going to tell you about that in just a moment because I’ve not seen anyone talking about it and it looks very exciting, so stay tuned. Also, the World Series of Poker just wrapped up the Main Event at the Paris Las Vegas and the Horseshoe Casino. They crowned a new champion: some kid who won $12 million! I say kid, but he’s 35 years old. When you get to be my age everyone under 40 looks like a child. Wait… you’ll see. Daniel Weinman of Atlanta, Georgia, outlasted 10 000 plus other players to win that $12 million, so I say congratulations.  At least it was an American that won. I mean, an American hasn’t won the Main Event since like 2018!

Also, the other night I was checking out the Sphere. Now, you can see pictures, and you can see video, but until you’re standing in front of it you really can’t appreciate the scope and the magnificence of the Sphere!  So, next time you’re down in Vegas go see it… well, you really can’t miss it. I did take some video of it, and I’ll be sharing that video  over the next couple of weeks. I’ll let you know when I do.

Also, I was just noticing that most of the Horseshoe renovations seem to be over, with the exception of this new thing they’re building out front. However, there is one Tower that’s left that’s right next to it that used to be part of Bally’s. In fact, when you zoom in you can still read where Bally’s used to be imprinted on the side of the building. So what’s the deal with that? Well, that is going to become part of Paris Las Vegas! Caesar’s Entertainment owns Paris and owns Horseshoe, and when they did the renovations they just decided, let’s give that tower to the Paris and increase the size of the more expensive property.

Okay, as I teased at the beginning of this show there is a new venue that’s going to be opening right across the street here, in front of Horseshoe at the Grand Bizarre Shops, and it looks like, from what I’ve seen, it’s going to be spectacular! I accompany out of Arizona called Bottled Blonde is building this $50 million, four-story, 25 000 square foot restaurant / nightclub right here at the corner of Flamingo and the Strip! It’s going to have rooftop views and a dance floor, and as you can see in the renderings it just looks like it’s going to be an exciting place to be! But if you don’t like the construction and having to walk way around, well you might not want to try to visit for a while, because Bottle Blonde is not scheduled to open until the end of 2024.

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