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In this informative post, we will take a deep dive through all the key features of the Odense Casino in Denmark. You will find information regarding the games, bonuses, amenities, and much more. You can use the links below for quick navigation through the sections of the post.

An Overview of Casino Odense, DK

Located in the old part of Odense, Denmark, the casino presents an astonishing, red brick-built establishment. When you enter, you’ll be able to check in and visit one of the many luxurious hotel rooms or directly proceed with the exploration of the great selection of available casino games.

You’ll find a very sophisticated gaming floor with over 40 slot machines and multiple electronic roulettes. We will take a detailed look at the available games at the casino later in the post.

What you need to know is that you’re making the right choice by visiting this establishment, as aside from the great selection of games, you’ll find a luxurious hotel, coupled with a bar and a restaurant. Feel free to explore.

If you’d like to take a break and explore the city, we can confidently say that Odense is a beautiful place in Denmark. With many attractions for both children and adults, you can engulf yourself in the beautiful atmosphere. Take a stroll through the old city streets and explore landmarks like the Hans Christian Anderson House.

As for those of you who prefer to play online while exploring the city of Odense, there are many online casinos providing a top-notch experience for every type of player. If you’d like to learn more about the available casinos, make sure to check the best online casinos in Denmark.

The Odense Casino Games – A Top-Notch Selection

The most important part of a gambling establishment is its games, and we’re happy to see that Casino Odense does not disappoint. Players can choose from a selection of electronic roulette, blackjack, slots, poker, and more. Those of you who want to learn more about playing poker can check out the top online poker sites in Denmark.

The selection of traditional table games is great as well – there are several blackjack and roulette variations. The limits vary, but both low and high-stakes gamblers can enjoy the fun. Of course, the crown jewel is the famous Casino Odense poker room, with tournaments and cash games available.

Every poker lover should visit the popular Casino Odense poker room. And when you want to explore something different, you shouldn’t miss the Ultimate Poker offering. See the list below for the top games at Casino Odense:

  • ✔️ Traditional Slots
  • ⭐ American Roulette
  • 👍 Blackjack Super Seven
  • ➡️ Blackjack Perfect Pairs
  • ✅ Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • 🌟 Seven Card Stud
  • 👉 Electronic Roulette
  • 🃏 Poker Room

Poker Chips Stacked and a Five-Card Poker Hand
Poker tournaments are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Cash games are offered on Friday, normally starting at around 8 pm. Make sure you’re ready for a thrilling adventure and know the rules of games like Texas Hold’em or Omaha. There are various limits and buy-ins.

You can also play for the Casino Odense jackpot, which tops up to over 2 million KR. Also, make sure you’re familiar with the blackjack rules, as this casino offers more than 7 blackjack tables to enjoy.

All in all, gambling at Casino Odense in Denmark is something you wouldn’t want to miss. With so many options for its guests, you’ll surely be pleased. We shall take a look at the Casino Odense opening hours, available amenities, and other important details further on in the post.

Odense Casino’s Ammenities

Casino Odense offers many amenities and packages for its visitors, and this is what we’re going to look at in this section.

Should you decide to take a trip to this establishment, you’ll be able to stay in one of the luxurious hotel rooms of the Radisson Blu Hotel. The building is equipped with a large restaurant serving delicious Danish dishes, as well as a single bar. Check out the table below for a detailed look at the amenities and services.

📅 Casino Feature: Availability
📍 Hotel: Radisson Blu H. C. Andersen Hotel
🗺️ Bar: Along with Free Drinks with the Deluxe Package
ℹ️ Restaurant: Dinner at Hans Christian with the Menu Package
👨‍💼 Live Events: Yes
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Group Tickets: Yes
Responsible Gambling: Blocking Form, ROFUS, StopSpillet
♠️ Casino Odense Poker Room: Tournaments and Cash Games

The establishment hosts many events as well, such as live concerts by famous bands. The menu package grants you access to the deluxe Hans Christian restaurant.

You’ll be able to enjoy delicious meals and drinks at the bar. The deluxe package grants access to even more meals and direct seats for live events. It also grants welcome drinks at the casino bar before dinner.

Casino Odense Location, Dress Code & More

The location of the establishment is Claus Bers Gade 7. 5000 Odense. It will be a few minutes’ drive from the centre of Odense. The Casino Odense is open every day. See the table below for detailed info.

📅 Casino Odense Contact Info

🏢 Opening Hours Sunday – Thursday: 15:00 – 03:00
Fridays and Saturdays: 15:00 – 04:00
📍 Address Claus Bergs Gade 7. 5000 Odense C
🕿 Phone +45 66 14 78 10
📧 Email
ℹ️ Website

It’s important to mention that Casino Odense has VIP rooms and a required dress code. If you opt-in to use the deluxe package, you’ll have access to VIP rooms, which provide an enhanced experience. Regular or elegant clothing is recommended. Suits are also an option. Make sure not to dress with sportswear or wear any head covering.

Opening Hours and Prices

Let’s see what other features the establishment has to offer. It’s important to cover ticket pricing for the establishment. A daily ticket will cost 80 DKK. For a weekly one, it will be 120. A monthly pass is 300, and an annual pass will cost you 1200 DKK.

If you’d like to reserve a wardrobe, that will cost you 20 DKK. Free entrance is possible between 15:00 and 17:00 (slots and auto-roulette). There are special offerings for group tickets too. Live games open at 18:00. There are many professional and friendly employees that are ready to help you. There is also a Facebook page where you’ll find announcements for events, discounts, and more.

Gambling Laws, Safety, and Age Requirements

Gambling establishments in Denmark need to be licensed to operate. Casino Odense has a valid licence from the Ministry of Justice, which is what you would expect from a top-notch gambling resort. Make sure to always verify the legitimacy of a gambling establishment before committing to play at a land-based or online location.

A licence is an absolute must-have for any operator. Whether it is a casino site, a poker room or a lotto site in Denmark, all operators must have been licensed and approved by the official gambling authority in the country.

The minimum gambling age in Denmark is 18 years old. You need to present a valid photo ID at the entrance of the establishment.

Make sure to follow the responsible gambling practices in Denmark, so you can have a safe and smooth experience.

Conclusion – One of the Best Casinos in Denmark

Red and Blue Casino Sign with Reflection
It’s time to conclude our informative post about the Casino Odense establishment. Overall, we can surely say that we recommend this brick-and-mortar gaming destination, and you won’t make a mistake by choosing it for your next gambling adventure.

The casino offers a wide selection of games, many amenities for you to enjoy, a luxurious hotel, and a large bar and restaurant. Feel free to visit Casino Odense, respect the gambling laws, and have fun.

When you’re done with your gaming session, you can explore the beautiful city of Odense for a great time and experience, and when you’re back, get ready for endless fun and enjoyment. If you’re looking for an alternative to Casino Odense, you can look no further than Casino Copenhagen, which stands as the number 1 gambling establishment in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the following sections, you’ll find quick answers to the segments discussed in the blog. We covered a lot, and the most common inquiries are below – you can click on the links that will take you to the relevant section of the blog post.

What is Casino Odense?

Casino Odense is a large gambling establishment located in Odense, Denmark. It is a great place to suit your gambling needs and to relax during your vacation. There is a bar and a restaurant, many live events, and many quality games for you to enjoy.

What games are available at the Odense Casino?

Great games await you at Casino Odense. You’ll find a large selection of games here, including over 40 slot machines, several table games like blackjack, roulette, and the wonderful Casino Odense poker room. There’s surely something here for everyone, so feel free to check out this establishment’s offerings.

What amenities does Casino Odense in Denmark offer?

We covered several of the available amenities this establishment has to offer, and we’ll briefly summarise them here. You’ll find a great hotel, a bar, a large restaurant, as well as a highly-regarded poker room. There are city tours organised by the establishment as well. Fun awaits you.

Is there a dress code at Casino Odense?

Yes, Casino Odense in Denmark does have a required dress code. Make sure you do not wear any sportswear and try to look elegant. A suit or a dress is preferred. As for the Casino Odense opening hours, the casino is open every day from 3 pm.

Does Casino Odense have a gambling licence?

All gambling establishments in the country need a licence to operate as per the gambling laws in Denmark. Thankfully, Casino Odense is licensed. The minimum gambling age to enter the casino is 18 years old. All establishments will require an ID upon entrance.


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