SharpLink to provide SaharaBets with its personalized bet recommendation technology C4 BetSense


Online gaming engagement and conversion solutions provider SharpLink Gaming has announced that SaharaBets will be the first U.S. sports betting operator to begin integration of SharpLink’s new C4 BetSense technology into its online betting platform.

By leveraging player data, betting markets, and other key data points, C4 BetSense captures individual behavioral insight into each player and then serves personalized content and offers through the C4 BetSense API plug-in.

Instead of each bettor seeing essentially the exact same menu of betting opportunities, personalized betting markets and offers are provided by the operator. SharpLink and SaharaBets will commence testing C4 BetSense beginning with the 2023/2024 NFL season and running through March Madness in 2024.

“We are excited to work with SharpLink and the team to provide SaharaBets’ customers with the best experience. Integrating C4 BetSense into our system allows SaharaBets to serve sports bettors with a highly personalized online betting experience,” Andrew Patterson, President of SaharaBets, said.

SharpLink's Dave Abbott

C4 BetSense was pioneered by SharpLink CTO Dave Abbott. Since joining the company in late 2022, Abbott has assembled a team of data scientists, engineers, and developers to design a workflow solution that delivers personalized bet recommendations to a sports bettor through an operator’s platform, the company explains.

“We believe there is a very big lift possible for sportsbook operators with C4 BetSense integration, helping to convert a much greater number of sports fans into sports bettors and yielding a material increase in betting handle due to smarter bet recommendations and ‘call to action’ offers that distinctly resonate with and motivate each individual player to place wagers,” said Rob Phythian, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SharpLink.

“In fact, early analysis of our prototype system indicates the potential lift could be as high as 20% — and perhaps even higher. Optimizing our tech solutions and expertise in fan engagement and sports betting conversions to drive profitable growth are among SharpLink’s core KPIs that we are striving to achieve. This new partnership with SaharaBets marks a key inflection in our development process and one that we expect will attract other operators to SharpLink as we continue to successfully perform,” Phythian added.

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