Lexi Las Vegas Back on the Market


It was back in May of last year that we featured the Lexi Las Vegas in an article on this site. We were excited to report on a new, cannabis friendly hotel in Las Vegas, even if there was no gambling taking place there. It had the potential to offer something new to the city, in a more slow-paced, relaxed environment. You can find that feature and how they welcomed pot smokers by following the link… but there’s more.

We were excited to possibly feature Lexi Las Vegas in one of our videos, even offering to show up and film at no charge. We didn’t ask for a hit or an edible… not even ask to be comped a room! But the folks at the Lexi never followed up with us. It seems they didn’t feel as if they needed the free publicity. Now, we’re not saying that the hotel failed because they didn’t work with us, but c’mon… it’s all right there! LOL!

The Lexi used to be the Artisan, and Pro Hospitality Group bought the Lexi for about $12 million post-Covid back in 2022. They went about their renovations, pouring another $3 to $4 million into the place. Now, the property has popped up as a listing through a hotel realtor. No asking price was posted. However, similar hotels for sale in the same general area of Las Vegas are listed for $180 million, if you’re interested.

Seriously, we realize we’re a small fish here at This Week in Gambling. But we also believe we’re doing good work and producing some quality videos. Lexi Las Vegas could have benefited from the amazing video we would have made for them, even if it probably would mot have brought in enough business to save them… but you never know. Karma is a funky thing. So if we ever contact you about doing some filming, don’t be a Lexi!

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